Circle of Writers was incredible. I learned so much about the craft of travel writing. Even today in school, I use tools I learned in this program and apply it to my work so my writing is more original. It was a great way of expressing my feelings while at the same time reflecting upon my trip. Thanks to Circle of Writers, I now have hard copies of my own writing to always cherish. I’ll never forget my experience in Peru.
-Tess Hezlep, 2013 Summer Service Peru

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Mary gently holds my words with her tender spirit and thoughtfulness, helping me to fine tune my work in a way that I could not do alone. Time and time again, Mary has asked the right question or offered a suggestion that has allowed me to massage and distill my writing so that it is expressed with greater clarity. I trust her with my stories and with the way she moves me forward and deeper to express the truth. Her deep love of the craft combined with her smart editorial insights have transformed my work and given me the courage to write with authenticity.

- Joy Solomon, Director & Managing Attorney
The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Center for Elder Abuse Prevention at the Hebrew Home at Riverdale.