Contrary to popular belief, writing is not a solitary act.


Our Mission

Circle of Writers teaches the art of writing, while expanding the whole person, in comfortable online, hybrid and classroom settings. We help both new and experienced writers discover and hone their unique writing voices learn to give and receive constructive feedback, and craft their life experiences into meaningful pieces of writing. By leading writers through sustained interaction with others, we not only help them improve their craft but exercise their personal gifts of trust, patience, empathy, analysis, and tact.


Our Vision

Circle of Writers will connect people from across the world through experimental writing about the human experience. People of diverse backgrounds will be able to freely compose and share life anecdotes, and geographic and emotional barriers that can often hinder personal expression will lessen or cease to exist. The exchange of fresh ideas and stories will positively affect choices made by the participants beyond the choices they make on paper. Through interactions with people who are unlike themselves, writers will learn to appreciate and accept diverse lives and viewpoints.



All of our work with writers is based on the following core beliefs:

  • Writing is collaborative-- we should engage others in the process.

  • Writing is a process-- multiple revisions are necessary.

  • Reading and writing are interconnected-- the more you read the better you’ll write, and vice versa.

“The Circle of Writers course truly changed my entire abroad experience. Writing about my travels made me view them in an entirely different light. My trip was really life changing and my work with Circle of Writers helped me realize and deepen my understanding. The course also helped me build confidence with my writing and made me more willing and comfortable to have others read my thoughts.
— Brittany Schreiber